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Filming will take place in Central Pennsylvania and Bethlehem PA Winter 2023 - 2024. This is an independent film. Written & Directed by Spencer Folmar and Co-Written & Co-Directed by Daniel Roebuck.  


We have an excellent and experienced producer team on board. This film is a production of Hard Faith™, Magic Bean Entertainment, and The Scatter Brothers. Produced by Ben Daniele, Spencer Folmar, Daniel Roebuck, Tammy Roebuck, and Doug Tschirhart. This film is made in Association with The Marlowe-Pugnetti Company. This movie is written and directed by both Spencer Folmar & Daniel Roebuck. The movie will feature in the cast Daniel Roebuck, Cathy Moriarty, Marsha Dietlein Bennet, Duane Whitaker, Timothy E Goodwin, Elias Kemuel, Stelio Sevante, Jenny Porrata, Bradford Haynes, and Kathy Patterson. This cast list is subject to change depending on availability of actors but all listed cast has agreed to be in the movie. It takes a village to raise a film and we have the best team to make this film a reality. 

Saint Nick is one of those stories that can only truly be told by capturing the characters emotions, struggles, and actions the why that an indie film can. Please support our film today! Sign up for our newsletter.

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